Takes a refreshing approach to health and well-being. Reframing the negative attitudes around eating healthy and living a balanced life. She encourages mindful eating through educational clinics, online blog posts and one-on-one consultations. CarolineRD promotes putting thoughts into action to help clients build a positive body image.


It's easy to get trapped in a vicious spiral of dieting, over-eating. Today's culture of information overload it doesn't take much to become confused and discouraged while searching for a healthier, more fulfilling path to well-being.


Caroline graduated from Boston University and is currently helping to improve the lives of Austinites by teaching mindful eating techniques to revitalize health and wellness!


Caroline's passion propelled us to discover and define the true purpose CarolineRD. 

Conducting a one-on-one workshop I walked her through many UX design techniques to weed out the fluff and bring her vision to life by creating a business strategy and developing a consistent online presence for her practice.